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Produce section


In our produce section, the organic integrity of our produce is very important to us and we offer only those that are organically grown. All of our vegetables and fruits come from wholesalers who deal exclusively in organic produce. This ensures that the organic integrity is preserved from the growing stage, harvesting, delivery, storage, handling and finally, sale to our customers, without coming into contact with conventional varieties.

Poultry and Meats

Our poultry and meats are all from organic livestock raised in humane environments without the use of grow hormones or antibiotics, and our organic deli meats contains no nitrates and preservatives commonly found in conventional products.


Gourmet Deli

Chef-prepared and all made with organic ingredients


Artisanal hand-crafted salads
Stuffed olives, eggplants, and peppers
Veggie and chip dips, traditional hummus
Specialty desserts
Fresh-made hand-rolled pasta
Variety of pasta sauces
Traditional tiramisu

Daily Fresh-made soup made with organic ingredients

Freshly brewed Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic coffee